“This growth I’ve experienced could not have been so clearly articulated without your guidance. I’m definitely at a better place – not because I can feel it, but it is because I can see it.”

*Alethea Song, wife, career woman and mother of two.

“James is able to creatively internalise for his clients, as he is caring, hardworking  and empathetic. His ability to understand different perspectives is admirable.”

Dr Nisha Rani, Clinical Director at the Centre for Psychotherapy

“You are blessed with a real talent in family therapy thinking, and I hope you build the skills that go with your fine grasp of ideas.”

Dr Sophie Holmes, Director of Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre, Melbourne and Member of Australian Association of Family Therapists

“You have demonstrated the competence to work systematically and with further training & experience you will be an excellent family sensitive counsellor.” 

Dr Roger Cook, Senior Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology

“Great compassion and sharp minded in pursing change to help clients.”

Wilson Tan, Executive Director at Youth Guidance Outreach Services.

“James offers frank opinions/views and practices good micro-skills and attending behaviour.”

Raymond Leung, Assistant Clinical Director at Executive Counselling & Training Academy.

“I am impressed with his ever-growing dedication to counselling. His ability to discern and capacity for listening are qualities clients would surely appreciate.” Stephen Chu, marketing executive