Six Takeaways from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Interview with Oprah

Prince Harry



  1. Markle didn’t just marry Prince Harry, but the entire British monarchy, too.  You don’t just marry your spouse but their entire families, their belief systems and practices too, most of which are unseen and unspoken.
  1. The danger of losing yourself after you assume a different set of core values, so as to assimilate into a vastly different culture, cannot be overstated. 
  1. Everyone need to be truly seen and heard, especially when it becomes too much. Markel says in response to tabloids, I’m everywhere but nowhere . Does anyone asks how I feel,  instead of how I look?”
  1. Everyone has a tipping point. Prince Harry’s tipping point was the fear of having his son die the same way his mother died. (His son was denied security). What is your tipping point?
  1. Oprah Winfrey was puzzled why Prince Harry felt trapped since he grew up in the palace.  Your values change when you take on different roles  and responsibilities and enter into different life stages. Prince Harry became a father and husband.
  1. Intention is everything. What is the intention of the couple’s tell-all interview?  Why didn’t Oprah ask this fundamental question? The hurt hurt back.