When it’s time to stop confiding in friends & family


Confiding with selected friends and family can hurt more than heal. Despite their best intentions, the absence of empathy, listening intently and attending behaviour can cause more anxiety, depression and even anger.  (Based on true encounters)

  1. They pepper the conversation with “I understand, I understand, I understand” when they really don’t. 
  1. They struggle to maintain eye contact with you and not their handphone. Then an incoming message appears and you completely lose them.
  1. They hijack the conversation and tell you how they had it worse but survived. 
  1. You call but there’s no pick up or call back, so you text to say you desperately need to talk. He texts back to say, “What’s up?”  
  1. They magically become experts of your life and tell you in great detail how to run it.
  1. They offer at least 10 creative theories why it’s really not that bad.
  1. You can’t decide which is worse to hear: “Get over it” or “move on.”
  1. They see you at your most vulnerable and hit you when you are down. 
  1. They tell you not to think too much, have a good shower, pray and go to  bed.
  1. When it’s all over you wonder why you feel more anxious and lonely.