What are your values? What is important to you? Is there someone you can talk to without feeling judged?

About Listen Without Prejudice

A Singapore-based independent and professional counselling service set up to address the invisible but pressing need for people to address change, which can cause anxiety, depression and suicide ideation.

Asian traits seen in the fear of “losing face”,  keeping things within the family or just shutting down completely can no longer hold up to new lifestyle trends, behaviours and expectations. It is hurting our marriages and all our relationships.

There is an undercurrent of fear driving our day-to-day decisions and motivations, creating experiences that eventually overwhelm and paralyse. Our obsession with mobile devices are depriving us of authentic conversations, too. Doesn’t anyone listen to anyone, anymore?

Listen Without Prejudice seeks to address this fear arising from the growing fault lines of a society fixated on results, keeping up with appearances  and getting ahead at the expense of our values.

“There is dignity in seeking help, comfort in talking and healing in a listening ear.”

Counselling as a source of professional help in Singapore has long been overlooked and misunderstood.







James Leong