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CNA938 26 Dec 2019 

The year-end hols are tough for many, especially when the rest of the world tells you to be merry when you are not. For those who feel heavy instead of hopeful, this is for you.


CNA 938 20 Sep 2019 Singapore Stories

















The New Paper July 30, 2019 – Male Teen Suicides Hit Record High



















The Straits Times Forum June 21, 2019  – Introduce Strict Data Protection Rules in Counselling














The Straits Times Forum June 19, 2019 – School Counsellors Need More Support














The Straits Times Forum June 19 – Review Counselling System in all Institutions


















The Straits Times Forum June 17, 2019 – Restoring Trust in Counselling Profession







The Straits Times June 11, 2019 – Bosses & Staff Agree on Need for Work Life Harmony



















The Straits Times May 21, 2019 – Nearly as Many Men as Women are Keen on Flexi-Work

The New Paper Apr 29, 2019 – Men Twice as Likely to Commit Suicide


The Straits Times Apr 19, 2019 – Singaporeans are Cheating with their Colleagues; Counsellors See More Extra-Marital Affairs



The Straits Times Mar 10, 2019 – Radical Music: Ban on Watain Concert Sparks Debate